Our Product

3D printing is becoming popular. There is a market for a device that can scan beyond line-of-sight and see porous density distributions within an object, especially with the advent of 3d food printer and foam metal printer development roadmaps.  State of the art laser scanners have trouble with transparent (such as glass), highly reflective targets, or targets obscured by medium to which photons can not penetrate, but cavity detection liquids can penetrate and assess.


Please visit our RSE store to purchase either manual dodecahedron, with simple measurement interpretation software, or our 3d liquid scanner conceptual prototype (z-axis automation stage is not finished, but gravity fed fluid injection and USB data acquisition with mass scale and capacitance probe/board with 20 readouts/second can be achieved today).  If the interest is there in a conceptual prototype, for a potential development partner to have a first look at our technology, we would love to work with you, or travel to perform a laboratory conceptual demonstration.  We have performed conceptual prototype demonstrations at some of the top imaging companies and received subsequent inquiries for potential partnership.  You will be impressed working with the surprising solving power of our current 3d reconstruction solution and its statistically-based reiterative hybrid solver, and gain confidence of where liquid-displacement scanning technology will go.  Do not hesitate to order a dodecahedron with sling ammo target, obtain FC-72/fluorinert, and see for yourself that meaningful hand measurements of obscured targets can be obtained.

We are constantly gauging the rapidly evolving market needs for time interception.  All concepts related to our technology, we are confident, have been individually verified through individual laboratory experiments.  RSE's current focus is on project scoping a high-end Gimbal controlled generalized closed system scanner, with 1,500 readouts per second and wakeless fluid injection, exploiting off-the-shelf confocal nanometer-order fluid level imagers to provide a displacement measurement solution.

The unit will be temperature and pressure controlled, with both a surfactant and fluorinert reservoir for a surface tension correction subtraction procedure.  Image processing software development is ongoing (conversion to C and custom solver algorithm optimization).  Our initial goal is to be able to 3D image a 125,000 voxel space for an ellipsoidal porous target with center filling (i.e. "Twinkie target").

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding your porous shape or obscured target scanning or quality monitoring needs.  Our team of physicists and experienced imaging engineers are eager to achieve initial market break-in and exploit our significant IP and imaging experience to create value for you.  We anticipate that our first partners will be in the food packaging and quality sampling or foam metal production industry, but we love to hear additional ideas regarding your present or future scanning needs!