RSE Presents at UC Davis

RSE was honored to accept the opportunity to present to UC Davis engineering students.  The lecture "A New Age of Entrepreneurship" was delivered to 160 freshmen engineering students.  Topics covered where as follows:

        1.  New Opportunities for Entrepreneurship:  3D printing, such as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), allow small scale manufacture with no inventory and overhead.  Now inventors have the ability to design assemblies of virtually any complexity, with no assembly required.

        2.  Strategies for Invention of Disruptive Technologies:  identifiying the initial conditions which lead to the adoption of the status quo technology, predicting the coming change of a system variable that would enable a disruptive change to the technology roadmap, the timing of planning ahead for disruption (patents, looking 5 years aheadof the market etc).

        3.  Our Current Work: modernizing an ancient technology to provide new scanning frontiers.  Modern fluids, hybrid computational solvers, and ancient volume displacement technology can be combined to deal with daunting scanning challenges.

A second lecture, covering mathematical treatment of fluid displacement scanning, was performed for RF series 132A course. 
It was really exciting for us to be back in Davis renowned engineering classes and having inspiring after class discussions with bright young engineers.  We would like to thank UC Davis professors for hosting us.