About Roman Systems Engineering

Roman Systems Engineering began with a historical discovery that was made on March 9th 2011 in Ann Arbor, Michigan regarding the purpose of the Roman Dodecahedron.  It was shared to the engineering community on March 15th, and was presented publicly in Ann Arbor on April 25th and defended in a graduate microwaves course.  It was later thoroughly reviewed and then defended in front of Vice Presidents, CEO's, and technology leaders at one of the top imaging companies in San Jose on June 29th. The new theory about this mystical device is interesting because of opportunities to modernize.  Similar to the case of Archimedes screw, we think the Roman dodecahedron has a potential modern day use.

The company is based in beautiful Soldotna, Alaska:

Soldotna, AK

RSE's intellectual IP is protected by 5 provisional patents, WPTO and U.S. patent pending, copyright, and company trademark.

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